Darran Hag do 19/10/2013

Rob drove us to the xc centre in Hemel Hempstead where we met Darran and had a few climbs. There was a bouldering area then we mainly used the automatic descenders to climb which was interesting. I also did an overhanging route with just my arms. We then went back to Darran and Lou's and they gave us curry as the dog molested us. Rob then gave me a lift back to the lower red lion and i checked into my small single room and quickly walked to the six bells where I met Sandy and Marie. The other 8thdayers arrived. Ree and Abby, Steve B, Bryan, Adele, Matt and Caroline. I managed to drink all of the 5 different beers and I also bought a round of Sambuca for the boys after the girls had some. After the pub we moved on up the hill to OíNeillís which had a pretty good band so we did some dancing and lunging. After that we popped along to the nightclub veeda which wasn't too difficult to get in. And we looked at all 3 floors then gravitated to the bottom one where the cheesy music was. We danced for a while but Darran and Louise left about 2.30 and I went to find a kebab. But could only find a subway on the way home.