Deb's Party 05/10/2013

I went back home then and assembled my Captain America outfit for Deb and Dom's party. I caught the tube with Rob and we got there in good time I got changed into captain America and rob got into Duffman. Dominik had an inflatable outfit and debs was a princess. More folks arrived. Phil as a ninja turtle, Adam as captain cannonball, Sam as woody, Susie as princess daisy. Rebecca as she-ra, Ree as salubrious woman and charlotte as cruella de ville. As it was a house leaving party we needed to finish the alcohol, so I started on the scorpion vodka. As the evening progressed debs disappeared as she was feeling unwell unfortunately. At some point me and rob made Ree fly then Rebecca suggested swapping outfits. Which I agreed to then a whole swap fest of clothes occurred which I don't remember as I had a 1 hour gap in my memory probably from drinking marijuana vodka. Eventually it was time to leave and me, Rob, Adam, Ree and charlotte caught a taxi back to ours. We also went to the 24 hr shop and got some food before the girls went to sleep on the couch.