John's birthday 23/08/2013

I got up and finished packing then caught the Stansted express to Stansted using the ticket that I still had from Biarritz. I got seated in the Weatherspoon’s and when nick arrived we had something to eat. I met Petra on the plane and john, Verena, Rena and Anna Were there to meet us at the airport on the way to the house Verena met her friend Mishi at Carrefour were we picked up some petrol. We got back and made a very nice meal using johns BBQ. The chorizo sausages proved rather exciting as they tried to burn the villa down. After the meal it got a bit cool but I popped some kindling on the BBQ and we kept warm by that and stayed up till pretty late.
24/08/2013 Saturday
We went for a walk along the PRS about 3 hours. The girls picked some wild mushrooms I ran up to the plateau using the PRS 38 route about 5 and a bit miles In the evening we had a nice meal then we went into town and there was a two piece band playing in the original bar so we had some drinks there then me john, Verena and Nick tried out the other bar for one drink. We came back and I finally gave up on the tree of life which was just too arty for my liking.
25/08/2013 Sunday
I went for a cycle ride with Nick first thing. We did 15.75 miles. We went to the left from John's place and got to villa Neuva going a bit off road then we cycled back fast along the main rode and Nick had a bit of a rest at the turning while I cycled quickly up to the house. After an ice cream we set off for the lake. The water was extremely high and not too many people were there so we got a nice sandy bit. I played volleyball a bit with Petra and Verena then went for a bit of a swim then a very slow run in my five fingers as there was not much sand around to run on. I went up a small hill. Back then and more volleyball another swim and some quiche that Verena had made before going to the bar for a quick drink. We then headed to the mill for a drink but it was cold when the cloud covered the sun so we headed back to the house. We had a lovely meal indoors of paella and played balderdash whilst i attempted to finish off the limoncella. We listened to a bit more Jorge then my St Anton playlist.
26/08/2013 Monday
Up early well 8.30 or so to go on a wine tour in Haro. John drove Verena nick and me to Haro and we went to the modern vineyard and had a tour and tasting. They had some very impressive cellars that would not have been out of place in a horror movie. And at the end we got to taste two of their wines and then in the shop three more before we bought some or at least the tins in nick's case. We popped along then to the bar we stopped at after the wine battle and had some tapas and we spotted Jesus leaving it but when we got to his vineyard he was there and sold us a small fortune in wine. We then had an adventurous drive back to Monticello coming over the drop. However we made it much quicker than the other car that had been to Bilbao. We had a BBQ this even the small chorizo sausages weren't so volatile and we cooked quite a portion of meat then stayed outside by the warmth of the BBQ which i kept feeding with kindling till about 11.30pm. I then watched TV till about 2.30 am.
27/08/2013 Tuesday
I was up about 10 am and convinced nick to go for a quick cycle of about 45 minutes around Sobrepena and Sobrepenilla. We got back and got packed and still had time for a walk with John, Verena and Petra along the same route. We got a lift back to the airport in Rena and Anna's car and the Ryan air flight was fine. I caught the Stansted express with Nick as Anna gave me her ticket.