Jonny's birthday 01/03/2013

I had a kip then it was out again to celebrate Jonny P's birthday. I met him in the brewery tap in Dalston. This was a funny bar as it didn't appear to have a name and no beer on tap. Still had a Guinness and introduced Jonny to snuff. We walked along to the vortex club and had a quick beer in the bar downstairs while Jonny grabbed some food. We got in then and myself and Abby tried to save all the seats including for Jackie and Andy who hadn't arrived yet. The first performer ichi was rather unique he entered from the back on stilts playing a harmonica and a steel drum. When on stage sometimes his stilts held up the steel drum sometimes they turned into instruments such as guitars. He also had a bagpipes type thing and his hat exploded. The next performer was quite folksey though probably as weird and could play his guitar with his head between his legs nearly. Afterwards we carried on to voodoo rays for some pizza and chilli beers and Jonny had some 6.4 million scoville sauce on his chilli. I eventually caught a cab home which wasn't very expensive.