Jurassic Walking 18/01/2013

I got to work with my big bag ok and the snow really started to come down people were a bit concerned about driving to charmouth. I left work at 1pm and met Rachel b at north acton station where it was snowing quite heavily and the temperature was -1 apparently. We jumped in the car though and experienced no problems on the 3 hour journey arriving early the only thing that was a problem was a couple of places the outside lane had some snow on it, but there was so little traffic it wasn't a problem. We arrived about 5 pm at stonebarrow manor and roger, Ruth, Nicola, Rachel s were there already. The place was impressive with a table tennis and pool room. After a while we went to the chip shop to get chips or a Lyme bay belly buster pizza in my case we put our order in then went to the local pub the George to wait for it to be prepared. Jemil who had brought along his cocktail cabinet had a galaxy note 1. We went back to the place then and other folks started to arrive. Sandy and Marie, charlotte and Andrew. Joy, Karen, Simon, Andrew, Kirstie, Tricia, cassie, etc. We sat in one big room and I passed out my atomic fireballs and chilli jellies but I didn't get many takers. I also mixed the 6.4 million scoville chilli with gin and that worked quite well. People strangely went to bed about midnight, me and Nicola were left to play a last game of pool. I was sharing a nice double room with Andrew that had ensuite.
19/01/2013 Saturday
We got up to leave the place at 10am. I just had a quick cup of coffee and an atomic fireball for breakfast. It was quite brisk but the Jurassic coast puffa jacket worked a treat. We walked down to the coast and along following the route me and sandy had run along the Jurassic coast. It was quite muddy and a few people slipped over. We were lucky that there was no snow however on the coast path apart from the top of golden cap the highest piece of the coast were we stopped for photos and a bit of frisbee. We continued on and i found the anchor inn and grabbed a sneaky pint whilst the others were still deciding what to do. Most folks went inside and quite a few had hot chocolate and food. Roger Andrew and Adam stayed outside with me and drank beer. As we left i experimented with chilli hot chocolate which worked to a certain extent. As we left we split up and about half of us pushed along to the next town. We walked along the beach at one point next to a recent cliff slide and had to scramble over some rocks to get back on the path. When we got into the town we had an ice cream and then waited for the x53 bus in the pub. The journey back was uneventful. And after a shower we were treated to a 3 course meal around the big table i talked a bit to James’s girlfriend Rachel who was an a&e doctor. After dinner myself sandy and Adam went back to the George and we got the barman to open up the skittle ally for us. We played a game and sandy beat me we also had a go at knocking the skittles down with the frisbee but you could only manage one at a time. We went back then and chatted with folks in the big room. Again people left for bed about midnight.
20/01/2013 Sunday
I had no difficulty getting up for breakfast after such an early night but again i only had coffee. Today 11 of us set off for lyme regis in the opposite direction we couldn't take the cliff path as it was closed so had to walk inland a bit along a snowy golf course. The distance was only a few miles and we soon met the others who had driven there at lyme regis. We popped along to the end of the pier then quickly into the pub for some cheesy chips and a pint of beer in my case. Only Andrew and myself walked back to the house the others drove we set a brisk pace and Andrews’s boots were steaming when we got back. I quickly packed and we set off this time with Adam and we got to north acton in good time though it was snowing a bit as we got into London. I jumped off with Adam at Bethnal green and walked home trying not to slip on the ice.



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