Lake District 28/03/2013

I had the day off work and I was packed and round Adamís for 10.30am. We set of for Harpurs hill quarry we found it and parked outside Annieís cafe which was unfortunately closed. We then hiked into the quarry which was unfortunately covered in snow sometimes knee deep. We couldn't even see the lower offs from most routes and snow was still falling. We retreated and headed to the Coppermines hostel finally arriving at 7pm just before dark. After a nice cup of tea with Rachel and Rebecca we set of down the long track to meet Adrian and the others in the sun hotel where we had 8 beers each. Ok we had them in third if a pints there was a dark side and a light side. After those and a few drinks we walked back up to the hostel.
29/03/2013 Friday
Got kitted out and off for a walk. It was pretty cold on the hills and there was a lot of snow knee deep in a lot of places. We walked along and our extreme group of boys set off initially at a slow pace stopping often but then we got going covering some distance. We saw a ruined mine and we climbed on a large boulder and ended up at a frozen lake. We walked back quite quickly then and finished in the black bull in Conniston for a drink and some chips and scones. We walked back up to the youth hostel for dinner and then back down to the black bull for drinks in the evening were we all got round a big table.
30/03/2013 Saturday
I got up later and went for a 7 mile run. Walked down with my kit bought some mitts and a climbing book then I had some chips and a coffee in the black bull I then went kayaking. I had my full neoprene outfit on and my skirt and got a pyrana sport kayak to ride. I was able to nip about pretty speedily on the water and we covered a lot of distance on the lake in the extreme team. We looked at some local sights and practised some skills. We then headed back to the other group who were playing a game with a ball. Back up for dinner then I set off for the black bull the others joined and we went down the crown were we saw Jackie and David then the Yewdale that stayed open late.
31/03/2013 Sunday
Clocks had gone forward but we didn't need to get started till 10.30am me and Adam drove for an hour following Jen in her mini to the Honiston slate mine. We had some coffee then 24 of us set off to kit up and get a bus halfway up the climb. After a quick explanation we set off and I led the way throwing myself over the first ledge. There were good solid iron rungs everywhere but the ice and snow and cold made it more challenging. There was a bit when the climb was overhanging which was interesting. And we had a bit of a wait at the rope bridge which was very interesting as it was wobbly especially when Adam got on behind. After that a long strong climb up the mountain including a rope ladder which was energetic. We finally topped out and huddled in an icy cave till the others joined us. We found Jemil and Rebecca in the cave the climb had been too much for them. We then climbed to the top of the hill and then walked back down to the place where I had a nice bacon butty we then drove back an hour but got a bit lost as google maps didn't want to work. When we got back we had cakes for Judes birthday. We didn't get a meal that night so me Adam and sandy headed down to the Sun early and were joined by Marie and Abby before the rest game down. Ree, Rachel, Paula, and Keifer joined us and Jackie and David. So we were a big group to dine in the conservatory of the sun. After dinner we managed to get served till quite late and Adrian bought jaegarbombs and Nirada did a handstand. We got back and played music and mini Frisbee till about 2.30 am.
01/04/2013 Monday
Up fairly early and drove to Kendal with Adam we went to the Kendall climbing wall and climbed for a few hours. We bouldered a bit and then we had a go at the ropes and climbed an interesting stalagmite formation before doing some shorter feature only climbs. We had a coffee and I bought some putty and some porridge from the shop we then drove all the way back to London stopping only once for petrol and food. I got back to find the boiler broken not a good end to the trip.



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