Lanzarote 16/11/2013

Bus Stanstead arrived early got bussed to villa. I was in the villa with the hot tub. I ran to the other villa. They came to ours and we went out we went down to the old town and went to one of the 3 restaurants in the old town and got two big tables upstairs. I just had lager while the others ate. Onto the strip later we had beers at one bar as a group then the others went to eat whilst me and Jason went on talked to Sascha Jason talked to girls in the big apple bar. I went on tried a few more bars.
17/11/2013 Sunday
Didn't feel too bad the guys arrived from the other chalet and we caught a minibus at 9.30. When we got to Famara beach it was extremely windy and cloudy we got quite cold. We met Phil the surf guy. I got up a few times and the pop worked but I was too far back on the board. Afterwards jumped in hot tub to warm up. Then I did a recce run to supermarket for towel and coffee and an ice cream Had meal in restaurant steak and banofee. Went to Irish bar. Alison, Claire, Gowyn, Andy, Annabelle band was pretty good got home about 2 am.
18/11/2013 Monday
Weather much better today sunny and less wind. Had good fun in the water and stood up quite a bit. Afterwards other went to the hot tub while I ran the length of the strip. In the evening we ate out in a fish restaurant in the old town facing the bay it was a bit cold, and the ladies were offered blankets. For dessert I had custard fritters which were interesting. Afterwards we went back to the same Irish bar and the same band playing the same tunes so i left after one pint. I watched a bit of telly on my phone in the villa before going to bed just after 12.
19/11/2013 Tuesday
Got up quite earlier to rescue washing from a brief shower.
20/11/2013 Wednesday
Drama first thing Claire cut her finger badly on a glass and me Ellie and Jason took her to the doctors after a bit of a search. I got her water and chocolate while she was stitched then after a trip to the spar we headed back to the villa where we found Binh and Steve had hired cars. I got in Binh’s car with Jason and Mark. We drove out to the green caves and did a tour. The caves were formed by lava and so totally dry. There was a rather impressive optical illusion in the cave formed by water that reflected the ceiling. After coming out we went to the mirador del rio a small cafe with good views of an adjoining island. After a coffee here and some pictures our car headed back as Binh’s eyes were itchy. Whilst Steve’s car carried on to see the Fire Mountains. In the evening me Gowyn, Steve and Chris set off to find the other car that had stopped at a pizza restaurant. We went the wrong way a lot of times but Gowyn finally got us to the place and I had a large pizza and then a banana split. Back at villa played cars with Andrew mark and Chris and won every time surprisingly.
21/11/2013 Thursday
A good day in the waves. At the start of the day I was doing quite well, and popped up really nicely but in the afternoon I started to get quite tired for some reason and struggled to find the energy to pop up off the board. In the evening we went to an Asian restaurant called enjoy that served a nice chow Mein to me I sat next to Claire who pronounced that my forehead was boiling which explained some of my weakness in the water. After the meal we went to the Heineken bar and Binh and Claire set us blind date style questions which I wasn't too bad at answering however I didn't stay too late I thought it important to get some sleep so I left at 1am and tried to sleep whilst the others partied in the hot tub and pool.
22/11/2013 Friday
I was healthy and had recovered. The others were suffering however. We got to the beach and there was not much sun and not many waves so our first lesson was paddling out. I did manage to catch a bit of a green wave with Claire but I didn't manage to ride it into the beach. In the afternoon there was a spell when the waves were consistent close in and I got up quite consistently for a period and had some fairly long rides. I came back and went for a 3 mile run and had another mojito solero. In the evening we actually went back to the same restaurant though we entered through a different door and we sat round a round table. I was next to Chris the surf guy. Afterwards we went to the bar near the Heineken bar as we were tempted in by 17 shooters. The music was good and the beer was cheap. We did some dancing and congoed round the bar a couple of times. Again I called it a day a bit early as I was feeling a bit tipsy.
23/11/2013 Saturday
I woke up about 9am and finished off the packing. The bus arrived and took us promptly to the airport. I had a burger then said goodbye to the others as I caught the Stanstead flight. The flight was long but uneventful and i slept for some of it. When I got back to London it was very cold and the Stanstead express wasn't working. I caught a terravision bus to Stratford for £6.


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