Last Tuesday Society 30/11/2013

In the evening I donned the DJ and set of for the last Tuesday society masked ball at Adam St. I was photographed on my way to the ball by a group of women and met Julian in the Wellington for a quick pint. We got in at 9pm and Julian went for a waltz and Charleston lesson. I then met Kirsty who was doing pole dancing lessons and did some tricks on her pole. At one point I managed to pull the pole out of line with the momentum of my swing. We also saw some tarantulas and snakes and lizards and there was a dungeon were Julian got his arse whipped by two girls. And there was also a cage. There were three naked people giving out nibbles as well. We saw Dakota Jim and his band in the cellar and in the playroom, and we did some dancing. And before you know it. It was 3pm. I caught a 25 home and Julian waited for a number 8.