Lesbos 14/09/2013


14/09/2013 Saturday
I was through bag drop and security extremely quickly at 3am in the morning and popped I to the Weatherspoon’s for a beer and some breakfast. The boys arrived first. Andrew and James and lee and the group grew and grew, Jude, Kat, Nirada, and the three Claire’s and Omy and Paul and Susie etc. I got on the plane and managed to get some sleep for the first two hours. The coach journey was over 2 hours and I sat with Kat who felt a bit rough with the all the bends as we followed the windey coastline. We did get in time for lunch and I quickly got to the restaurant and ordered my beer a long time before anyone else. After lunch I went for a run along the beach to the right. And past a lot of old naked people then up and outcropping to a little chapel on top of a hill. Back then and played a bit in the pool with sharkey. Before playing a very long game of volley all. I really got my serves coming on with the new ball and was able to pop a lot of spin on it. We went into dinner then and I just had dessert. After that it was down to the pool bar and it was a bit quiet and subdued I got it to warm up a bit when I taught Leo and Adrian to drink flaming Sambuca’s. And then the barman made Leo a flaming Lamborghini. But we were abed before midnight English time.
15/09/2013 Sunday
I slept in quite late then went for a bit of a strenuous run along the beach to the totem then up a rocky path to the radio mast. I came back down but then also went up to a ruined fort which required a bit of scrambling. I then retraced my steps through the town. I got back and convinced Steve to go for a mountain bike ride. It took a while to get the bikes signed out but we got sorted and decided to flow there route to the radio mast. Unfortunately we got lost a number of times but it was still good. I came back and played a bit with sharkey in the pool with Nikola and Leo. Then it was two and a half hours of volleyball. We played with ourselves and some guests to start with then were joined by some older blokes that were quite good and we played against the staff who were very good. I was not allowed to serve properly against the staff team so they didn't get intel. Climbing Claire proved to be very good for someone who had never played before. Eventually we stopped and I was a bit late for dinner. I quickly ate that and went to the beach bar. Everyone else decided to play the quiz but it was too boring so I went into town found a nice bar with a few of the sea and a lot of lanterns and took some photos and wrote up my diary. I eventually walked back and found Leo leading a contingent into town so we went back to the parasol bar and got loads of cocktails served and we stayed till quite late. Leo, Adrian Terri and Ali were the last people to leave and we walked back via the beach getting home about 3am.
16/09/2013 Monday
Up and did some paddle boarding with Leo, Lyndsey, Claire, and Claire. I got a bit of the hang of it eventually. I then went for a run to Erossos which wasn't very exciting and then back via the town to get an ice cream and then back via the beach took about an hour. After that we played volleyball from about 3 pm and picked up some good players such as les and the two welsh kids. Unfortunately my arm started to hurt but I did manage to do and amazing kick return from a spike. Nikola also hurt her the evening it was just starting to drizzle so half of us walked into town and we got a table at the mermaid. It was a good restaurant but we eventually abandoned our outside table as the storm hit. We relocated inside and carried on and had a good time. I sat next to Kat and Andrew and Brian and Sam. After that we found the others at another restaurant they had got a bit wet on the walk. Unfortunately parasol bar was closed and the only place open was a bar were the women’s travel people were having a speed dating session. I danced a bit with Nikola but felt uncomfortable that we were spoiling there party. So I tried to scope out some other options but there were none so i came home about midnight.
17/09/2013 Tuesday
I got up and it was very calm so I did some paddle boarding and got the hang of it quite well. But my feet started to hurt a bit so I rested and then went for a run up to the mast listening to a podcast. I also had an ice cream on the way back. I then went paddle boarding again and then later again with Lyndsey and Steve we did some clowning around and I jumped of the pontoon onto my board and then ran across Lyndsey’s board at one point. I also went out on the paddle board to watch Sam, Leo, lee in the regatta but I couldn't figure out what was going on. We then started to play volleyball early again unfortunately my ball was still punctured and my arm still hurt. But we had some very good games against the staff coming closer than before. In the evening it was the hog roast I had a chat with Lyndsey about behaviour therapy and then she got up on stage and sang angels I was going to sing let me entertain you but the internet broke. We all had a good dance and at one point I caught Nikola. Kat also poured a pint over Leo at one point who then wrestled Terri to the floor. All in all a very fun night.
18/09/2013 Wednesday
Ran to mast fast Paddleboarding Volleyball Toga night
19/09/2013 Thursday
I wanted to rest my arm as much as possible today so just had a short paddle boarding session in the morning and then had coffee in the restaurant at lunchtime. In the afternoon I walked into town and got some money out of the cashpoint machine. I then rested and snoozed in my room a bit before the big match. At 5pm I popped my 8thday vest on and headed down to the court where the staff had lined up all the chairs for spectators. First of all the staff had a practice. Then we had a practice. Then came the crunch moment and Les picked the starting line-up. I was placed as server. The first game Les hardly played, Allyd had his spot as setter and we cracked on. My serves were not really working which was a shame but I blocked and spiked well and saved a good few shots and we managed to beat the staff quite comfortably. The B team then played but lost to the staff but not by a wide margin. We played again and we lost but not by much. Then we went into the third game. This was really thrilling we had some incredible rallies were the ball was continually being rescued, and luckily I had a very good run on my serve even though it was only underarm and I got about 12 points bringing us from behind to well ahead. We then pushed further to be 20-10 up. The staff were not beaten though as they got back to 19 points in the failing light. It was nearly dark when the last point was played and we won 21-19. I had played all the games and had not been subbed so I was pretty tired. After the game we met in the bar then set off for the Mermaid restaurant. This time we shared a lot of starters including octopus balls and fried cheese and vine leaves I had the mixed grill for main course. We then met up with the other group and we went on to Zorba the Buddha bar. Which was having a rock and roll party. It wasn't very lively but it was very atmospheric.
20/09/2013 Friday
Steve woke me up at 10 am and we went for a kayak round the island. I was in a single kayak. Jude and James were in one kayak and Nikola and Gemma in another and Steve and Susie in the third. Is wasn't too bumpy. Back in time for lunch or at least coffee in my case. I then went for a run with Andrew James, Jude and Susie. We ran along the beach then up the steep rocky path to the chapel and took some pictures. I bombed down some of the descent but then we went slower. Even so Jude fell and bashed her shin quite badly so we walked back to the site. Then I walked into town with Lyndsey and Gemma and Steve. We got some cash and I bought a volleyball and some Ouzo for Kat. Then we played beach volleyball at Da Luz bars beach volleyball court. James and I started it off then Bryan joined and Sam, Kat, Lyndsey, Lee, Andrew, Allyd and the resort Andy. We had some pretty good games and consumed a few beers with the aid of straws. We eventually ran out of money and returned to the resort. We met in the pool bar then went to dinner and I presented Kat with here Ouzo. After dinner we popped down to the pool bar for the presentations and got called up on stage for winning the volleyball by Lauren. Leo also got on stage and had to drink a shot with a straight arm. After the presentations we bought Les a flaming cocktail for his help in coaching us to victory. Then we set off to Da Luz bar to party with the staff. There was quite a lot of dancing Lyndsey and Nikola being ever present on the dancefloor. I left about 3am just as Nikola was pouring water down Adrian who had been resting his eyes.
21/09/2013 Saturday
The alarm went off at 6.45 and I was feeling remarkably well. I had some breakfast for the first time on the holiday then we got on the coach and I was pretty quickly asleep. We checked our bags in at the airport. Me and Sam helped Nikola get her overweight bag through the weight check, we then left the airport and spent an hour and a bit in a nice bar by the beach relaxing.



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