Les Deux Alpes 16/03/2013

15/03/2013 Friday didn't run home I got back and finished packing then rob drove us and our kit to the Travelodge at Gatwick. A big crew were there, and I met a few new folks Eric in his top hat and Paula. And some familiar faces were back like Lyndsey from turkey. We drank till about midnight then quickly grabbed some sleep before catching the 4 o clock bus to the airport. We met guy at the check in and went through but our flight was delayed by two hours so we spent it shopping for duty free and having a sausage sandwich and beer in the bar. The plane was really big with a downstairs toilet and me Adam and Abby got extra legroom and they announced Rossís birthday on the flight. We got our kit when we touched down then a two hour trip to les deux alpes by coach. When we got there I got unpacked quickly and managed to find a better free slope than Adrian, Sandy and Adam. After that myself and Adam went for a recce run and we bought Verena a birthday present. We went out after dinner to the secrets bar. Ross was wearing the monkey outfit for booking his hotel room for the wrong month. A few of us then popped along to another bar were we had mini Guinness and jaegarbombz. 16/03/2013 Saturday
Sunday I woke up and was ready at 9.30 and saw the others head off I pottered about on the slope outside the hotel waiting for john who had taken Verena to her skiing lesson. Unfortunately we didn't manage to meet up and so I went and caught the big lift over the mountain. There was a horrendous queue and then when I got up it was blowing such a gale I went back down again. I then caught a different lift and took a very long and painful green down to the town. I met john and Verena and Sean and Rachel for lunch in the hotel. Me and john then took another lift and did some blue runs, the conditions weren't good it was difficult to see and a bit uneven. I got down though and we took the green back to the hotel. We had a drink in the bar then me sandy and Rachel went for a run in the snow it was about 3 miles long then as we came back to the hotel, we found the umbrella bar playing gangnam style so I opened the door and there was all of 8thday what great timing and matt bought me a pint so we stayed and danced for a while. After dinner we went to smithyís dressed in st Patricks style with Ree as a leprechaun. We got free shots and there was an offer that 2 pints of Guinness got you a free shot and a hat so we had some of them and did a bit of dancing Verena had the birthday wig on and Sean was in the monkey outfit.
Monday Ross woke me up with the weather forecast which was extremely low visibility so I stayed in bed. I got out a few times but the visibility was next to zero and the surface was very bumpy from the fresh snow a very bad combination. I was also having problems with my right foot. So I didn't progress off the baby slopes. I did go for a run on my own in the evening and climbed 340 steps to a hotel then pushed on up through some very deep snow that came up to my knees I was breathing like a train and only did about 2 miles. After dinner we went on a bar crawl with the Neilson reps. I took part in the boat race in the first one but we lost. Luckily I did that one and not the later challenges one of which involved drinking your beer through a sock. I found a pool table in one bar and we turned Adam into spider pig and then Nikola. We were due to go into a nightclub but when they wanted to charge 5 euros to take our coats I called it a night.
19/03/2013 Tuesday
Woke up and found I had a cold so no wonder I had been struggling. The conditions were much better though the light was perfect and I fixed the problem with my right foot I stayed with Verena for a bit on the beginners slopes then I set off up the mountain and did a couple of blues. And the long green which had made my heels ache. The blue I did was very bumpy so quite challenging. I got back and caught the gondola to the piano bar Ree and rob shared the monkey suit
20/03/2013 Wednesday
Polar bear bar then rum and bass with a lot of rum
21/03/2013 Thursday
Up and out of the hotel at 9.30 am with my flying squirrel outfit on and met all the weird and wonderful creatures of 8thday. We all had our pictures taken on a snow bank and we then headed off on the draglifts and soon split off. Myself and john skied with Nigel, Marie and charlotte. We went straight to the top of the mountain via two lifts and a funicular which ground to a halt throwing us all around. At the top it was pretty cold and blowy but we quickly got down the blue routes and it got warmer especially when I had some hand warmers. Nigel was a pink bunny. John a horse. And Marie a sheep. We stopped for lunch in the piano bar and met all the other animals for dinner. Just me Nigel and john went out in the afternoon and we did a few reds which I found fine. Nigel then rested in the bar while me and john did the fast cretes run a couple of times. We then caught a gondola up for the apres ski at piano bar. There were again a lot of animals and some got on the dj booth and on the stage and danced. We had a beer then me and john headed down to the hotel and got changed I quickly went for a run and climbed the 340 steps up the resort and up the snow with no problems and out to the umbrella bar with Verena. A very good turnout with lots of animals dancing on the tables and the bars. Christel was a cockroach and matt was in my gorilla suit and giving it large. They chucked us out at 7.3ppm and then we went back to the hotel bar and did the Harlem shake and had dinner. After dinner we headed straight to smithies. I thought I would be too hot in my suit but I gradually got used to it and we stayed till kicking out time 2.30. The dj was good and played do it like they do on the discovery challenge which I had requested. At midnight glen bought champagne for his birthday and I bought him a t shirt saying f**k me itís Friday on it. Which he enjoyed. I was able to help out a lot of the girls by fanning them with my wings.
22/03/2013 Friday
Met john and we went up the diable and did the easy blue then we went down the red route into the resort I had no problems and in the afternoon when john had left I went back up and did the same thing again. The route was harder this time but I made it. I then went for a run to fine the vip jacuzzi bar. we did find the Jacuzzi bar in the grotte du yeti. So I went back and rallied the troops for a recce mission at 4pm after drinking from the hipflasks on the veranda of the hotel. Matt and Christel, Adam, lee, Bryan, etc came with me and we sussed out the cost of the thing we then went down after dinner were Glenn and Jacob each got a cake for their birthday. I popped my card out and I jumped in with my swimming trunks on and Adrian got in with the chimp outfit on which he was wearing from being so drink at the rum bar the night before. Glenn followed and Jacob and matt. David, Jurgita, Nikola, Adam, Nigel, lee etc. We then at one point pulled Ree in after giving her a chance to drop her back and take her boots off. And then Abby jumped in with most of her clothes on. We drank and awful lot of jaegar and danced a lot and ran around the bar and the pole. We did the Harlem shake in the Jacuzzi and generally got incredibly rowdy, but the bar staff never batted an eyelid. At the end at 3 am with only a couple of hours until we had to get up we had to finally depart. Lee had to have his shoes put on by the bouncer and I carried him home then I helped get Jacob to bed who proved a bit more of a handful.
23/03/2013 Saturday
It was harsh getting up at 5.30 am but I wasn't feeling too bad. Amazingly Jacob and Lee were fine or at least able to function. We had a quick breakfast then I slept through most of the coach trip or at least I didn't open my eyes. I tried to do the same on the plane and wasn't feeling too bad by the time I got back to England there was a bit of a delay getting our bags back and it was a bit of a fav to get the extra set of skis in robs car but we got back ok and I dropped straight off to sleep.



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