Oktoberfest 27/09/2013

I took my lederhosen into work and got changed there to everyone’s amusement. I was not the first at the tent Darran and his best man Dave were there for part of his stag night celebrations. Bruce was also quick to arrive and gradually the tent filled up. Ree arrived in a dirndl, and Nikola had a blonde wig with ponytails. I had to laser Adam so he could find us. Unfortunately shortly into the evening the beer machine which pours 12 steins at a time developed a fault and some extremely large queues developed which was a problem for people who didn't already have a beer. Luckily Jurgita shared some of mine then we bought a lot when it started again. There was quite a bit of dancing and we nearly came to disaster when me and Ree nearly fell backwards off our bench but we survived to make it along to the tikki bar where we stayed till nearly 3 am in the morning. Myself, Adam, Colin and Rob got a taxi back.



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