Pub Run 17/08/2013

Up early again and got my stuff together for the 20 mile pubcrawl. I walked to Bethnal green and caught the tube to Paddington. I got a bit of breakfast then I sat outside the mad bishop and bear. Alex arrived first then Ree and Claire. Rachel and Rachel. Bryan, and Phil and Sarah. I just had a half in the first one. And we set off just after 10 past 11. We ran along to the constitution and met Nathalie who joined us here and had a nice half in the beer garden, before pushing on to the castle were we again got to sit on the roof terrace which was nice. The next pub was the palm tree we found Julian here having a pint and we persuaded us to come with us to the next pub but then he ended up doing the rest of the run. We got to the grapes the halfway point and we decided not to stop for lunch we pushed onto hubbub. This proved to be a good decision as it drizzled while we were inside having lunch. I had a small works and a pint and that set me up for the afternoon. We pushed on down then to the gypsy moth and met Nirada and charlotte who joined our crew and we pushed on to the wibbly wobbly. We were getting a bit tight on our time to get to the gym before it closed so we pushed on to the old salt quay. Here we lost Rachael who caught a cab as her. Knee was hurting, the rest of us pushed on and got to the Horniman were we met rob. We had time for a quick drink then me, Ree, charlotte quickly caught a cab to Soho gyms.


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