Rat Race 11/05/2013

I left work about 4pm and was packed early and drove to Adamís unfortunately he had walked to mine doh! I drove and picked him up then we had a bit of a problem at the bow roundabout but we sorted that. We also had a bit of trouble getting into Burghley park. But the upside was that we arrived and then nick, Rachel, Jo, Phil, Ellen, Luke and Brian arrived at the same time. So we all registered together and then went to set up camp. The rat race people seemed surprised by the number of people as there were not enough toilets and they had to expand the fences to allow more camping. We quickly pitched the huge 10 man tent and we had a bit of a party in the porch. We played the rat race playlist I had made and I drank some of the cocktails. Gradually more folks arrived. Richie and Tim, Justin and his girlfriend. James and Sam, Andrew and charlotte, and Andrew from the Jurassic coast, also Jacob and Darren. It was a good think I didn't drink too much as there was a huge queue for the toilet in the morning, i was also freezing all night despite having my sleeping bag and the liner this time with my camp bed.
I got all my rat race kit on and had some small sausage rolls for breakfast we popped on our 8thday samurai bands and we headed to the start where we sheltered from the wind instead of doing the official warm up. We set off at 9.30 with a small team, Adam, charlotte, charlotte, Bryan, James, Sam, Ellen, Luke and Phil. Almost straight away charlotte R turned her ankle on the very first jump. This meant a lot of hobbling. However we mainly stuck together as a team and pressed on through all the obstacles. We gradually split up however and lost Phil and his friends. The water obstacles were particularly challenging because it was not warm and at one point we were chest deep for nearly 10 minutes. This was followed by a plunge jump which left me really cold at the end of it and I started to use the emergency blankets to keep warm. About 9 miles charlotte had to start walking so we went on a bit without her but after a long wait for the kayak crossing she caught up again. Unfortunately she didn't make it to the finish of the half mucker. We pushed on and just before the end of the half mucker came the monkey bars. It was very painful and I lost a lots of skin and I had to rest at the touch down points but I made it to the end minus quite a lot of the skin on my palms. Bryan was also there behind me. Rachel had looked after my gloves and nick had taken video which was very good of him. At this point we bad to say goodbye to charlotte as she finished the half mucker. We plunged on ahead a team of 3 myself Bryan and Adam, Bryan was suffering a bit with one of his legs bit kept running all the way even though he had to limp a bit. It started to rain which was really chilling but I had my emergency blanket on me to keep off the rain so I wasn't too bad. The last 7 miles involved quite a lot of running. We did meet Jen on the run though and ran with her for a while before we dropped back to stay with Bryan. and some low level obstacles, and then a large set of obstacles called the final furlong which we had to climb over to get to the finish were we met most of the others and went straight to the beer tent were we found Richie, Tim and Kev who had also done the race. After that we went back to the tent and had a quick rub down as there was a huge queue for the shower. Back then to the party tent and a few pints of rat race blonde after a quick Chinese curry from one of the vans. The queue for the bar was a bit ridiculous as well but ha ho. We did pop outside for a little while to watch the ocean colour scene, but I only knew a couple of their records and not very well, so I didn't listen to all of them eventually the bar ran out of beer so we popped back to the tent were I spent another restless and cold night even with more clothes on in my sleeping bag.
12/05/2013 Sunday
I woke up to find the tent being collapsed around me but was up quickly and packed. Adam was not with me on the way back as he went to see his parents so I took it easy driving back and watched tv and played Sherlock Holmes in the evening.

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