Richmix 18/10/2013

I left work early and had a quick kip before going out to Shoreditch where I met Ed on the way to richmix and we had a beer in the brewdog pub. Julian, Ree, Mitch, ben were also around and we met in the richmix v3nue where rob and Jen joined us. The first band on was the carnival collective which was a 40 piece band which featured Ed and Juliannís sister and a man playing a pi k trombone. They played drum and bass and allsorts and were pretty good. The next band played more mainstream tunes and had the horseman helping them. Adam also arrived slightly broken by some Japanese clients. The last band was not so great and we left at that point. We went to a nearby bar first then one in brick lane. That also closed and just me and rob stopped at the last pub that had Ashley Haines in it who was incredibly drunk.



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