Santa Pubcrawl 07/12/2013

I popped along to the Shakespeare’s head in Holborn for the Santa pub crawl. I stood outside and got my kit on and more and more Santa’s arrived. Simon, Juzar, Ian and Xena were among the first to arrive. Kyrstie, Jane, Adam arrived then rob and Jemil and the Dodgeball crew, with Ree as a tree. We chatted to the head Santa and we donated money to charity. We moved on from the first pub to the city of York down Holborn and from there to the Pendrells oak. I had a run in there with Anita who had a red leather skirt and some mistletoe and a sexy voice. But after a while I re-joined the gang. I made it close to 11 and then went home with Rob on the tube.


8th Day UK