Steve & Laura's Wedding 06/09/2013

I got up early and got the three piece suit on for Steve and Laura's wedding. It was the start of a drizzlee weak but I got all the way to Richmond and then caught a bus. To closer to the Orleans gallery were the wedding was to be held. I aimed for the 12.30 PM on the card but that turned out to be a little early. I had a look round the gallery and let my brown shoes dry out a bit. The others started to arrive, Ross and Nicki, Matt and Christel, David and Jacqui. Xena, Ian and Steve and Claire who was pregnant. Marcos also made an appearance. Laura was on time but a little late and the ceremony went off without a hitch. We then tucked into the 62 bottles of champagne and food with relish. Luckily it had stopped raining so we could go outside and get our pictures taken and when it was time to leave for the reception at the Turks head I was able to walk in sunshine. The reception was very good the meal was generous and I sat between Marcos and Nikki. We played wedding speech bingo and unfortunately I had to drink 3 pints as I got the word thanks on my piece of paper. I did manage to have the sense to be drinking shandies at this point or I would have been in a bad way, or worse way at least. The speeches were good and Steve and Laura did a double act. The others started to arrive then, Adam, Lisa, Jackie, Kyrstie and Adele we had some dancing and some excellent lunging. I had to catch the last train though as it had been a long day.