Tignes 14/07/2013

14/07/2013 Sunday
The alarm went off very early and me and Adam caught a taxi with Sonia and Ian to the airport. Airport red lion was closed so we went to Jamie’s. I had a bacon sandwich. On the plane i sat next to Binh and debs and got some sleep though I woke to find myself covered in sweat and about to puke, luckily the sensation passed and I recovered quickly. Met tom at Geneva airport and then had a 3 hour coach transfer. The usual stop was closed and we had some difficulty finding somewhere to buy food so we got an ice cream at a bar. Got to chalet went to the loop bar straight away and got Wi-Fi and beer and posted a pic. We got a meal in the chalet then off to the loop bar where gradually the people on the later flights arrived and took over as all the people on the earlier flights were gradually tired and went to bed apart from me and Adam.
15/07/2013 Monday
In the morning we got up promptly and got the bikes sorted out, we all met then by the palafour lift and we went down the green rides smoothie and easyrider. A lot of people struggled and some walked down. Leo hurt himself badly, knocking himself out and sustaining a massive bruise trying to do a jump over a small obstacle. I got back then ran up the hill to the gondola it was about 500 metres up and very steep, I had to walk at times my calves and lungs were burning, it was very good altitude training. Jemil was concerned about Leo so we went and found him in his hotel room and took him to the medical centre by taxi. I ran back round the lake then to play volleyball. After dinner we went to the Loop bar and stayed late drinking pitchers of beers for 12 euros and racking up our discount on the 8thday card, we also had a go at flugel shots with Jurgita and Nikola
16/07/2013 Tuesday
In the morning a large group of us went for a long walk. We started up the mountain just before the avalanche tunnel and we climbed up to the top of a cable car and took some photos with people sitting in the gondola. We then split into 2 groups and I stayed in Binh’s group with Ian and Sonia and Jurgita and Nikola and rob and we pushed on up into the snow line. We came down through a large amount of snow to get to the Refugio were we got a beer and ice cream. We then took a different route to the fast team and went down to the lake and around. We had to cross some snowy patches and I had to kick some steps. There were some great views though. We came back and got back just in time for beach volleyball. It was a good game and again the two chalets were evenly matched at 2 games apiece when we had to finish we had a bit of drama to as Nick got some sand in his eyes. After dinner it was the bar crawl just me tom and Elena from our chalet went, and it was raining a bit, but it soon stopped. At the loop bar we got free shots and I got to take part in a boat race were you drank a beer on the floor through a straw. Unfortunately our chalet lost that. Then we went on to the terracine bar which was the restaurant by the lake. We got more free shots and then I took part in the superman contest with Clyde and got 3 free shots and a half of beer to consume whilst spinning around . I then did 5 press ups and 5 star jumps to win the title. Jurgita was superwoman by doing hip thrusts. We also got some more shooters. We then moved onto the marmot bar and then the underground bar both were we had more shooters. And Nigel and someone else bought some Jaeger bombs to keep the party going. And we had a bit of a dance and glen and Helen acted as dj's. We then tried to follow Dan to the blue girl bar but the girls couldn't walk that far so we turned back.
17/07/2013 Wednesday
Felt a bit rough but put my full body armour on and went down smoothie in one go in 16 minutes though I nearly lost it at one point when my back wheel span out. I then cycled down to the dam to see if I could find the Via Ferrata and then back up the 4 km. Which went 4%, 6%,7% and 9%. I got back and saw some of the others and had a small beer with Adam and a few others. Then we saw the hoverboard man at 3pm and 4pm we played beach volleyball luckily it had just stopped raining. It was a good turnout again and this time our chalet won convincingly. And then we mixed it up a bit. Glen got his top hat by coming back to the chalet and it was time to get ready for fancy dress night. Adam donned his human cannonball outfit and I put on my knife thrower outfit and we were the first in the loop bar. We got pictures of all the others coming in and video of matt on roller skates and nick juggling. The other chalet came down and the rain stopped just before we had to walk to the restaurant. Jurgita was a very attractive assistant with an apple on my head for me to aim at. Matt actually jumped tom who lay down on the road on the way to the restaurant. The restaurant itself had hot rocks and we cooked our own meat on the rocks. I also had a Mont Blanc of ice cream afterwards. In the middle of the meal glen's table set fire to their food and then glen through real knifes at Tom's balloons while I threw my rubber ones at him. We went back afterwards to the marmot bar and Jemil became the dj and we had Adam as the human cannonball this time in the air. We also got James to do his performing dog act. And there was a certain amount of whipping going on.
18/07/2013 Thursday
A bit wet at the start of the day, but we found a climbing wall had just opened in Tignes less than a week ago. We had to blag our way in but me Jen, Adam, Jemil, rob, Elena and Jo went and rob and Jemil led a route for their first time ever. I belayed as I was supposed to be instructor. I then found Jurgita and Steve and Nikola in the loop bar and we made a plan to go mountain biking we did smoothie a bit slowly as Nicola was a bit hesitant and it was a bit muddy then we went for a cycle round the lake and had a coffee in the other part of Tignes that Nikola bought. We cycled back then and did Frisbee in the sand which was a bit tiring but I had accl8matised better than most and our chalet won and I scored the winning goal. The sand was a bit cold though from the drizzle. We had a beer in the loop then time for dinner me and Adam sat on the girls table and talked about cooking. After dinner it was bowling. Jemil was the winner here with a score of 130 followed by Daria. Though glen's team did the best celebrations. Then we went to the underground bar and when the girls left we played the bottle game but mark beat me.
19/07/2013 Friday
I the morning I set of to go Mountain biking with Nikola and Jurgita, and Steve and Adam we did the easy routes Jurgita was getting really good but did lose a little blood and Nicola picked up a few bruises, in the afternoon I did via ferrate with Adam, we caught a taxi to Val D'isere and found the route in the car park. It was literally a very long piece of steel cable running the whole length of the route so it was impossible to get lost. We started off quickly and pushed along very fast. It was easy with the kit we had to clip in and out and we moved along very swiftly. It was quite challenging we later found out it was the hardest via Ferrata route in France. There were 3 bridges. The first just a plank over a drop, but the last was a swinging bridge over a very steep drop. We crossed that and then did the very steep ascent to the finish. We ran down the mountain on the other side and phoned the taxi halfway down so we could be back in time for volleyball. Just as well we had hurried as lots of people were delayed on the rafting. The raft in front of one of ours was capsized and Jemil and Nigel and a few other went to help but caused our raft to capsize. Some were washed away and bruised others were stranded on the upturned boat for quite a while this meant the beach volleyball was just 6 a side so I got a nice long game. After dinner we went to other chalet for a quiz my team was spider pig and the spiderpiglets Binh, Rebecca, Sarah, me and Adam. We won a bottle of champagne by coming 2nd and shared it with the other team and Sonia and Ian. We won mainly due to Rebecca’s ability to eat tomatoes from her forehead. On to loop bar for some drinks when the chalet bar closed then, back to our chalet and the upstairs room.
20/07/2013 Saturday
In the morning I got up and went to the other chalet to meet Jen and the others who were walking. We met the others at the Maison de Tignes then walked round the lake to the other village were some stopped to watch Johnny Wilkinson and the England team train. We caught the lift up and looked down on the mountain bike routes. We then set off along a very nice ridge walk. And got some good shots of the other valleys and a marmot or two. I went back to the chalet then and got my bike and set off to do kangarooride and funky tufs. However I found the steepness of some of the drops a bit challenging and had to hop down some of them. So i went back to the other end of town and said hi to the folks having lunches at the same time and to Nikola and Jurgita who were proving popular with the local stag night chaps. Time then to get into my volleyball gear and the last game was a good one we played for over an hour and a half and were getting some good rally’s in. Just time then to pack and get changed for dinner. Some people had come back from the via Ferrata it turns out they had not been allowed to do the last bit with the climb out. We popped down to the loop bar and we had 200 euros cr3dit which got us free beer wine and vodka. We drunk all that then earned enough for some more free beer a couple of times. Sonia presented awards for people Leo for best bruise and Glen and Matt and Christel for best outfits etc. We kept going till the staff were sweeping the floors around us then headed back to the upstairs room for some more drinks. Binh was one of the last ones up with mark and Sarah, though Sarah fell asleep.
21/07/2013 Sunday
Didn't feel too bad when waking up and I listened to some podcasts on the journey to Geneva. I had a beer with Helen and then got a sandwich before the flight. I got a window seat with Binh and debs and had a bit of a snooze. The train journey back was ok but it was very warm on the tube and when I got home.


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