Wine Battle 29/06/2013


27/06/2013 Thursday
I went to work but left at 10.50 am to catch a train to Stansted. There was a bit of a delay but I still beat John, Verena and Petra. We met up ok and still had time for a beer before boarding. I slept a bit on the flight. We got to Santander and it was very warm. We popped along to Goldcar rentals and got a car big enough for 5 we popped along to Leroy merlinís and I bought a water catapult for the next day and we bought some beers. Back then to Polientes and we had a few beers in what was quite a quite bar before returning to the house for paella. The paella was very good and we built a fire indoors and had beers and john used his new footstool.
28/06/2013 Friday
We got up about 10 am English time 11am Spanish time. We had a good breakfast on the patio and then as john and Verena cleared the winter weeds. I broke up all the kindling and some of the wooden things around the corner. We popped the old cooker in the car and when we set off for the airport we left it by the dump. We headed for the beach first by the airport and we found it was not too busy. The beach was the Playa de Oyambre. I went for a run to the left and got as far as the peninsula to the left and had to stop. I then ran to the right a bit till I got to the river. We then had an ice cream and drove to the airport to pick up Jemil who we found at the bar just about to buy another drink. We popped back to Leroy merl8ns and john got a large bbq which the woman had to retrieve via a forklift. Back then to johns place and we assembled the bbq with minimum reference to the instructions whilst Petra and Verena prepared the food. We had some duff beer and listened to Jemilís music on his laptop. We switched to the special bbq playlist for the official first launching of the bbq. The guys tucked into a good few bottles of wine and we stayed outside for a good long time eating steak before going in doors to burn more kindling. Jemil and I left john and Verena asleep on the settee.
29/06/2013 Saturday
We were up at 6am English time and left the house fairly quickly however we did have some sat nav issues and we didn't know where to go when we got to Haro. We made it to the hot Saint Augustino which was our hotel and they gave us directions to the event there were actually lots of free buses just across the river with plastic bags on the seats. Lots of people were returning by the time we got there. So there was only 2 other people on the large coach we got on. They dropped us off and it was easy to find the way as there was a steady stream of wet purple people going the other way. We got squirted a few times on the way up to the place. When we got there, there was still a crowd dancing and squirting each other and I filled my squirty device from the women who had big crop sprayer type devices on their backs. We danced and got plenty soaked then headed back to town the day was scorchio as usual in Spain, so we just walked back to town. We found a nice seat at a bar on the square and had some ice creams and beers. After watching the procession we went to a different square and bagged a table to eat some snacks and have a go at drinking a carafe of beer with different degrees of success. We then checked into the gorgeous Augustino hotel and had showers and freshened up before heading back outside. We went to the Beethoven restaurant opposite the large church and we met a very friendly waiter who spoke English and German. We had some sharing platters and sandwiches which hit the spot. From there we found a place at the bar at the top of the square as there was a band with a male and female singers. They did English and Spanish songs sometimes translating the English song into Spanish sometimes not. We headed back then to our hotel then and had a last beer in the bar opposite the hotel were we also had some cheesecake.
30/06/2013 Sunday
We got up and headed outside and went to the square for some lovely coffee and some croissants. We then picked up an ice cream before heading for the airport. We stopped off at a beach we found which was a bit windy despite the sunshine. Whilst john and the crew sunbathed in the sand dunes. I ran around the beach one way till I got stuck. Then I ran up the hill off the beach to a little town. We then popped back in the car and had a little explore of a huge beach that was really developed with apartment hotels we found another ice cream but not the beach. We dropped off the car at gold car. And had time for one last beer while Jemil checked in his bag. The flight was uneventful and I caught a Stansted express as it was leaving.


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