Xmas Frisbee 19/12/2013

I got to Vauxhall but it was chucking down. I got back on the tube then and headed to the Dogstar in Brixton. It was wet there as well but managed to shelter a bit along the way. I was there quite early and occupied the space that Sonia had booked. Simon joined me soon after and we also ordered pizza which we were still eating when the others arrived. Steve and Laura and Matt and Christel and Sonia and Ian, also Adam, Nick and Jo, Julian, Chris, Kat, Bryan. They all ordered pizza as well and later in the evening we had Sambuca shots enough to beat the climbing crew. Then at 11 the music started and the seats were cleared away to be a dance floor so we did a bit of dancing. I eventually left about 11.30am.



8th Day UK