Xmas pubcrawl 21/122013

I got up early and caught the train from Kings Cross to Cambridge for a change. The train ride went straight there, but I had a long walk to the hotel that Steve had booked nearly 2 hours through the centre of Cambridge. I got to the hotel before the others. Mark arrived and dropped off some toffee vodka for Steve. Then Steve, Trevor and Pete the new guy arrived and we booked in. We quickly had time for a pint of lager then out taxi arrived. There was a slight diversion on the first pub. We arrived at the Devonshire Arms. We met the others and got joined by a very wet Mr Shackell who had managed to catch a downpour. Steve introduced us and the barman to his chilli chocolate which was very powerful and he also had a pickled egg, as well as some snuff. The Kings arms and then the Geldart followed. The Cambridge blue was also visited and we also went to the live and let live where I had a hot chocolate stout and also some mince pie ice cream. We ended up back at the Devonshire Arms and then we went for a curry in the Curry Queen. I had a semi hot one. We then caught a taxi back to the hotel and I slept on the settee.