Zombie Run 24/10/2013

I rushed to Stratford and met Jonny p and David C and two of Jonny's mates for 2.8 hours later the zombie escape game. We found a school and after putting on arm bands and having our shoes sprayed we were released into 5he safe city of London. But we had no city passes so we had to move around and try to get registered and get some passes. We also had to avoid Zombies on the way. We found a car park level full of them, where we had to retrieve some medical supplies. Luckily these zombies were pretty slow and didn't chase you too far. We moved on and were caught by the police and nearly surprised by two sleeping zombies, but got away. We then had to travel a very long dark stretch of the greenway which was infested with fast moving zombies. That was quite a challenge and Jonny and tammy were caught. But me and David outsprinted them. We were then caught by the police and taken to quarantine in a minibus with blue lights. Here we were released and escaped under a fence and then we had to run again extremely fast I took the opportunity to pick up some medical supplies lying around and they gained us entry through a gate. Here we came to a final stretch were the zombie was super-fast and chased us for a long time. Luckily they caught Jonny who was suffering with cramp and a pulled bum muscle. We had then made it to asylum and were tested under ultraviolet and stamped with the word survivor apart from tammy who was made up as a zombie. We then had a few drinks in the zombie rave and played some zombie video games whilst we watched the live update of infected vs survivors.