Austria 19/07/2014

19/07/2014 Saturday

Alarm went of at 4.50am in the travelodge and myself and Adam caught a taxi for £6 to the north terminal and straight to the red lion for a bacon butty and a pint. The flight was slightly delayed due to the weather. we got to the airport but we were delayed getting on the bus as Adam's luggage was on a later flight so i bought him a constellation beer. The transfer was quite quick and we arrived at the zell am see youth hostel. We immediately tried to use the beach volleyball court. But the sand was too hot for some people. I was ok in my 5 fingers. Juzar, Adam and Andrew were the main players and I played well after I swam out to the pontoon with the others. And we had a few beers before dinner in the hostel. Afterwards some of us boys went into town. we went to the Crazy daisy bar also Flanagans with Simon,Andrew,Juzar,Tom & Adam there was a band in the square

20/07/2014 Sunday

Up and got a bus with Adam and david from zell am see to the lifts that took us to the climbing wall. We took 2/lifts that took us to about 2,500 metres.Back and slacklining practice. Town Adam, Juzar, james and Paul. Went to nice bar beer bar. Then crazy daisy terrace then found Tom, Mark, Judith and andrew were there. Got kebab and a Taxi later.

21/07/2014 Monday

Ran into town sorted out roaming on phone and explored. Ran 3.4 miles. Practiced on slackline then ran in five fingers 100 steps walk 100 . I also ran 2.5 miles straight up the mountain on route 52 then back down and over the bridge. In the evening it was a bit rainy unfortunately so we didn't go into town. We did play blow football with a ping pong ball adam and Andrew were the champions. I also played table tennis against jemil with mini bats and won twice.

22/07/2014 Tuesday

Practised pop and slack line ran with adam up to the mittelstation. It was very humid and very steep. I felt a lot better than the day before but Adam started to overheat on the last few hundred metres. We had a look at a small reservoir and played with an archimedes screw. We then ran down for about 7 miles. We met Issi and Russell and walked into town with them to crazy daisy and i had a radler. We saw Helen and we wandered round and shopped a bit. Then we went back and played beach volleyball kyla joined us and later Juzar, Jules and Andrew we had about 3 hours all told and only stopped because Germany were playing Russia on the pitch behind us. There was strudel for dinner and then after some delay due to rain we walked into town to an empty beach club. I had cocktails based on music so an austin powers a white russian and a bob marley. I then checked out the ginhouse and the nightclubs on the way home. We stayed up a little later with the people who were left at the hostel.

23/07/2014 Wednesday

I did my pops and got better on the slackline. Myself and Adam had to wait for the rain to subside.we ran round the lake 7 miles. I took some pictures and we saw Ellie and stopped. We then had ice cream by the grand hotel. We couldn't see the others that had gone into town. We got back and found Ali and Adam played against me at volleyball. Though I won all the games. We were later joined by Alan,Kyla, Mark, Michael, Jules and Juzar and had a really good game with lots of rallys. We then popped back at 6.15 or so for the bbq which was outside on the lake

24/07/2014 Thursday

Up late went into zell for ice cream and bought Simon a tankard. Later we played volleyball had dinner then played again till after 8pm. I walked into town with Adam, Paul, james and Andrew to watch the laser show at 10pm. We then had a beer in the ginhouse and andrew had a go at knocking in a nail.

25/07/2014 Friday

Myself Dave and Adam set out for Via Ferrata via a number of buses, unfortunately we could not all climb at once so i lugged the gear while Dave used my harness. Adam and Dave had a bit of an epic it took them a long time to complete the route, so we just walked a bit more down the gorge then went home without me climbing. we had a beer afterwards and then played Beach volleyball at one point it was 4 vs 1. in the evening we all went for a meal at the Beach club and we presented Simon with a tankard i had bought it was also Ali's birthday. we later went to the Ginhouse and a Club

26/07/2014 Saturday

I didn't hear my alarm but popped out of bed when Juzar started moving very quickly out and in the coach and tried to sleep most of the way to the airport. Check in was really quick but then there was a long wait in a boring area. I talked to Simon a bit. I sat next to Issi again on the plane, and tried to sleep through a lot of that got out of the airport fairly quickly and caught the gatwick express. Spent the rest of the day on the computer and dozing.