Courcheval 02/03/2014

02/03/2014 Sunday
The alarm went off at 4,0 am and we ended up getting a taxi for £3 . To the airport. I had the American breakfast in the weatherspoons and then shard seats with Ree and Abby on the plane. I managed to sleep a bit on the 1 hour journey and also slept a bit on the coach where I sat with julian and we played some mexican music. When we arrived I quickly got sorted and was out on a very long free lift. That dragged you for over 7 minutes. I practiced that with the snowboarders Matt, Andy and Sandy. We then all met up for a run. Sandy, Ree, Chris, Andew and Adam. We ran up the hill and plunged into some very deep powdery stuff. I cut most of the steps. For the others as we crossed a piste and headed up. I was shattered by 1950 metres and we plunged back down. Sandy faceplanted and won the fraggle rock costume. Paul Sheraton got the snazzy suit.
03/03/2014 Monday
Went skiing with Marie and Claire and alison and bryan and emma. The visibility was pretty poor at times. we went fairly slowly Alison was struggling a bit with the altitude. We stopped at a nice place for coffee and then at lunchtime I had some frites with the girls in a french restaurant. We went out again and thinks were a bit better though quite cold. I had my hand warmers on. And they helped but the face would get pretty chilly if I went fast. The last run of the day just me and Claire did. At 4.30 pm I went for a run with sandy and we went up following a road to the airport then followed a hiking trail. For a while did about 4.5 miles in total. We came straight in and had a happy hour beer. In the evening. I sat with matt, Christel, Jurgita, Adam, and adrian. After dinner was a quiz which me and Glen heckled. There was a paper plane throwing competition as part of it. We then rounded people up to go out. Some of us ended up in the Ku De Ta bar. Adam, Adrian, Sandy, Ree, Abby, Andrew. We had a great time dancing and drinking jugs of beer. Andrew was quite drunk and hurt his chin doing the wor..
04/03/2014 Tuesday
I was up late and skied on my own for the day. The visibility was poor high up so I kept pretty low and did a lot of blues and greens. And it all went pretty well felt fairly confident. I skied till about 4pm but then I was getting a bit cold and tired. So I came back and had some cake. I went for a run on my own just a couple of miles. Sat with josh the boarder who had come with us and rachel and adam at dinner. Andrew got the suit for being very drunk the night before. After dinner we went down to 1650 and the bubblebar for old skool hiphop. I stayed a while and got some fun pictures but I left about 12.30 am and caught a night bus back with Kirsty then went to bed when I got back.
05/03/2014 Wednesday
A really good day, We were a bit late as we waited for alison. But we didn't get too bad a queue and we got up and did some blues which were in super condition. I also slipped in a bit of a red route before lunch. At lunch we met up with Glen and sandy's bunch and I left after lunch with them and did a few reds with no problem. But I had gone the wrong way so rushed to try and meet marie and her group but they appeared just as I caught the lift right up to the top and did the very long blue. Down. I went for a run by myself to the airport at 2000 meters about 5.77 miles. Then bought some casis for my cartridge belt. I sat with Harriet and Kat and the 3 Marks and James at dinner and talked about cooking. After dinner we went to ku de ta and had some drinks and we were there till very late. Also because we took 50 people we got a free bottle of toffee vodka. We were there till quite late.
06/03/2014 Thursday
I didn't get up early felt a bit rough. I went out in the afternoon and went to la tania and meribel and covered a good bit of distance on my own. The pistes were in excellent condition. And I covered a lot of ground. and got back over the loze lift. I didn't go for a run and it was time to go out for lunch that evening we went to a local restaurant that we took over. I sat with Juzar and Julian and had a magnifique burger. Ree wore the suit as she had only managed one run all day. It was supposed to be terri as she had done no runs, but she did not make it to the restaurant. I had very little to drink and had a quiet evening. I eventually watched a film on my phone before dropping off.
07/03/2014 Friday
Up early and we all dressed as Mexicans and went up the slope to have our picture taken in the snow. I rushed back and got my boots then helped Marie and Alison and alice and Josh get over into meribel. We had some fun with the fancy dress but my sombrero stayed on well. Alice got caught in the lift at one point. We made it to le folies douche and we were joined by lots of mexicans and I had a beer and took many pictures and videos. We met an actual mexican chap and there was plenty of dancing on the tables and champagne was sprayed. I also did an extra couple of runs down to the bottom and up again. I also skied back instead of catching the lift. This enabled me to do the loz red run into the resort. I got changed quickly and went down to coffee with my bongos and mexican music that was played in the bar. We then went out to ku de ta. Which had a live band called Dutch courage. They were good and really enjoyed having us as an audience. We got many encores and I had to play bongo solos. We threw our hats in the air and generally danced like crazy. After dinner we took some video for Jen and Emma. I sat at a table with Cam, Juzar, Jurgita, nikola and Glen. We then went out and caught a bus to the funky fox. The bus was quite crowded and a lot of fun. When we got the bar we got free tequila and the dj played lots of mexican tunes for us. it was a shame to leave. I was drinking my casis in guinness. We caught a bus back to the bar above ku de ta. But it was not as good and a fight broke out and shut the bar so we got an early night.
08/03/2014 Saturday
I got up a bit late and skied over to courcheval 1650 and met the others at a restaurant for lunch. Marie's group and Kyrstie's group was there I left with them to do red routes and we picked up Julian. I did enjoy the reds and had no problems. I eventually took a long blue back to the resort and did the red loze route fairly fast. I had some cake and packed my bags. Dinner was really good and I got some of Gemma's birthday cake. After dinner we went to Ku De Ta and some more drinks especially leo and adrian. Julian had the suit on from his water incident earlier in the week. There was also a very drunk frenchman in the bar and the girls neede rescuing.
07/03/2014 Sunday
An early start with a 5 am alarm call but I was feeling a lot better in Grenoble airport than the previous year. the flight was uneventful and Colin dropped me back at my door.