Country to Capital 11/01/2014

We woke up just before 7am and we caught a taxi at 7.20 am. We got registered and had our bacon rolls before a huge queue of runners arrived on the train. It was dry and not too cold. But at the start briefing they mentioned that part of the course was waterlogged so I quickly retrieved my neoprene socks from my bag and popped them on. We set off and at the start we got slowed down a few times as the course had a number of stiles and gates were runners bunched up. We kept together well and ran on with a 1.8 mile run followed by a .2 rest. The course was quite muddy and a whole road was flooded at one point which slowed us down quite a lot. But we were still on for a 9 hour finish at this point. We carried on and I tucked into the famous cake at each stop and had some electrolytes. I would also rub gel into my heel and text Ree and Adam on our progress. We moved along nicely till about mile 25. Sandy started to suffer a bit at this point and we dropped the pace down to .85 run followed by .15 rest. Sandy did quite well at this. We ran past west Drayton were Adam was waiting for Ree who was a bit late and then they chased us for a number of miles catching us on the Paddington branch of the canal. By this time it was starting to get dark so we popped on our head torches. Mine was pretty useless. We pushed along the Paddington branch without much problem and towards the end I played Rocky tunes for motivation. I was just showing folks were the GUCR finished and 2 meters further on was the finish to our race we had made it. We got a medal and they brought our backs and we met. Abby and Marie at the finish. We popped into one pub but it was too full so we moved to another. Myself and Ree got chatting to a chap who had done the Lakeland 100 the year before. We finally got a table and the others tucked in but I was not particularly hungry. I did have some chips later on but mainly drank lager. We stayed till closing time then I caught a tube home and had to walk from Bethnal green.