Matt's bithdayday 03/01/2014

I headed off to Victoria to catch a train to Gatwick for Matt's secret 40th birthday celebration. I met Simon, Ed, Ree and Chris on the concourse and we caught a train to east Croydon where we changed a d also met nick and Jo on the train we had some of my beers and peanuts on the way. We got to Gatwick and went to the beehive for a drink. I then waited and met Laura and Steve and picked up the captain liability outfit off him, then Jacqui and David and Ed helped decorate it with injuries. We then got the call from Steve and we popped along to the Hilton and hid round the corner of the bar putting on our captain hats and slings and plasters. The captain was then led round to us with his captain hat pulled over his eyes. He looked properly surprised. We then proceeded to feed him shots and drank till the bar wouldn't serve us anymore. We then popped back on the train and I shared a cab with Jacqui and David home.