Thamespath 100 03/05/2014


03/04/2014 Saturday

I woke up early about 5am and dozed for a bit, then I gradually got ready and had my porridge. I then found out the district line wasn't working so i went via the central line to richmond. I found the town hall easy and got kit checked, blinding the checker with my new torch. I rested then in the briefing bit saving my energy. i joined sandy and Andrew at the start line and Ree, Abby, Marie and Chris were there to see us off which was much appreciated. We started off at 10am and jogged gently along the very beautiful Thames path. I was using the runkeeper app on my phone and pebble but unfortunately after three hours the app had drained my pebble. We ran for .9 miles by Sandies watch then walked for.1 miles this worked well and we got to the first station at 11,miles in good time. The next station was about 9 miles further At 51 miles we got our first drop bags. I downed the two cans of Dunn's river nourishment and it felt good to get a thousand calories inside me. I didn't need the change of shoes. It was just starting to get dark and i popped on the super powerful torch and put on the thermal vest which was very necessary. I arrived at the checkpoint in just a shirt. I left with thermal, shirt, fleece and waterproof on. It got cold quickly. I often took the lead during the night as my torch was the most powerful and would point out mud and obstacles.

04/04/2014 Sunday

We went to a run walk split of 1 minute running to 2,minutes walking. Andrew nearly fell in the canal at one point. Only the bushes and thorns saved him. We got to the last checkpoint at 95 miles and we found some suntan cream for Andrew's face which was pretty burned. I then pulled him out of the chair so we could carry on. Andrew could now only walk and we just missed out at doing 100 miles on the gps in 25 miles at by .1 of a mile. I hadn't the heart to make Andrew run to make it. He was just hanging in. Close to the finish line we met a chap who was just stumbling about very slowly we were not sure if he would make it. We pushed on through and finally got to the finish and made the effort to run across the line together. Sandy was at the finish and after we had been sorted and got our bags back he got us a taxi and we stumbled into it. We had time for an ice cream at oxford station then we spent our time drifting in and out of sleep on the journey back to paddington. I then caught a cab back to stepney green. I then spent a lot of time dozing and eating.