The Scorpion Challenge 01-31/06/2016


01/01/2016 Friday

A simple run round the block I weighed myself before the start and I was 12 and a half stone.

02/01/2016 Saturday

just 2 miles no problems.

03/01/2016 Sunday

I got a bit went on day 3 needed waterproof trousers but they hadn't arrived.

04/01/2016 Monday

Day 4 of The Scorpion challenge I ran home 4 miles and then went climbing

05/01/2016 Tuesday

After the first mile it started to rain luckily I popped in and changed into new waterproof trousers. But the rain stopped after the next lap so I took the kit off again for the last loop.

06/01/2016 Wedsday

3 laps round the 2 mile block I popped into the flat after every lap and changed my shoes, trying to always finish with the hokkas.

07/01/2016 Thursday

I ran 7 miles in the evening 3 miles in the hokkas First. Into miles in the jazz then 2 miles in the hokkas. Unfortunately Garmin hadn't worked on my phone but Runkeeper captured the miles.

08/01/2016 Friday

8 miles today, 4 laps Jazz, Hokka, Jazz, Hokka I also alternated directions to prevent any issues with camber. Still feeling very good.

09/01/2016 Saturday

9 miles today done before 4pm, nice to run in daylight and it didn’t rain. I ran jazz, hokka, jazz, hokka with a 3 mile lap at the start playing ingress

10/01/2016 Sunday

I started running aboy 10 am and did the first 3 miles palying ingress. I alternated my shoes and popped in every lap for a cup of coffee.

11/01/2016 Monday

took about 3 hours to run the 11 miles tonight, a 3 mile loop first playing ingress, then 3 x 2 mile loops and a final mile.

14/01/2016 Thursday

Around 14 miles after work alternating shoes it was quite cold

15/01/2016 Friday

I went running and did 15 miles to go about 3 and a half hours I mainly used the jazz saucony shoes.

16/01/2016 Saturday

I walked in the morning taking in Brick lane and shoreditch racking up a lot of Ingress points then I came back and ran laps to make up to 16 miles. Did make my back ache a lot

17/01/2016 Sunday

Mainly walked the day playing ingress and listening to podcasts. past the 1000 km mark on Ingress, and after a final trip to poundland I managed 17 miles.

18/01/2016 Monday

I walked around the block at lunchtime for 2.45 miles then ran home and around the block for another few miles to make up a total of 18 didn't feel too bad in the end.

19/01/2016 Tuesday

I walked at lunchtime twice around the block doing 2.45 miles then at 5 o'clock I ran home for nearly 5 miles and then did laps around the block I finished about 9:30 the temperature was below zero

20/01/2016 Wedsday

Just got one mile in at lunch time. Seemed very cold was a hard evening

21/01/2016 Thursday

I walked around the block twice at lunchtime doing 2.4 miles. I then ran home 4.9 miles. And then did the rest of the 21 miles running around the block. I learnt that Sandy haven't made it today so I am the last 1 left in the challenge.

22/01/2016 Friday

Woke up and the muscle that lifted my left foot was knackered. I managed to get two walking laps in at lunchtime then set off at 3pm and came home and started off the laps, very painful, had to take lots of rest and painkillers. Finally managed the last lap about 9.30pm in a lot of pain, and I knew it was over, had managed 253 miles and lost half a stone, so was pretty happy.