Thames Path 100


29/04/2017 Saturday

Race day I got up got ready I had porridge and coffee before getting on the tube to Richmond and then taking a cab to the start. I was quite early and set about for a bit and also met David Tarbuck and Matt who was a friend of Judith. The start was great in the weather was fine and it was set the stay that way just the right amount of temperature. From the start I ran a mile and and then walked for 2 minutes I did this for the first 50 miles then arrested for three minute every mile and then four minutes every miles from 70 miles onwards. After a t I had to go into a walk run scenario where I walked 100 pieces and then than either 100 or 200 closer to the end I had to walk a bit to get to the finish but managed to run across the line to connect my belt. The only real problem I had along the way was that my stomach was not good. I gradually felt thicker and thicker. I had drank the trail wind which was the electrolyte drink and I had 3 cups every stop but that probably wasn't enough because I wasn't going to the toilet and when I did after drinking some water the urine was very orange. So I drink more water and I carried some with me this however made my arm ache and my neck was aching quite a lot from looking at the very rapid pass through the night while having a head torch on. The Merino wool base layer with a fleece on seem to be fine and kept me nice during the night so I did well. I didn't see Matt and David for too long I think I left them after the first 20 miles or so and then I was pretty much on my own hardly running with anybody in a steady pattern. Things went pretty well there but I was fairly sick when I finished and I walked to the train station and then managed to throw up on the train to London unfortunately had to wait nearly an hour to get on one which was not ideal. I got home and started sleeping straight away but I didn't sleep all the day. But I was very impressed that I had in fact actually finished in 22 hours 20 minutes and fortunately the battery on my phone ran out after about 70 miles and I had to switch in the spare battery to be called the best so I didn't really know at the time how long it has taken.