La Santa 09/10/2003

La Santa 09/10/2003


For the fourth year in a row it was up early and off to La Santa, picked Stuey up at 3am and by 5am we had beers in our hands at the bar in Gatwick. . we met andy and angela and Mike and a load of the others at the airport as well and I did manage to grab a bit of kip on the plane in bewteen watching Bruce almighty. Won't forget the scene with the Butt Monkey for a while. Arrived in Arrecife no problem the weather was as constant as always. Got to La SAnta in time for badmington, but went for a run around the lagoon as well, before playing badmington.

Got in a 400m swim as well before 2 hours of volleyball on the beach, excellent down the bar promptly for 7pm and then down the discoteca after midnight, Me and rob were left to keep the london North flag flying till 3.30am as Stuey went to bed early.

up a bit late the next day but along for badmington very busy so me and Rob did a few gym test on the bike, row and bicep machines, I need to work on my rowing to get 1;19 for 500 metres. Beach volletbal was packed with 6 people on the beach but after 2 hours we were down to a hard core of really good players and had some excellent matches. Then a quick run and then grass skirt time for the Beach BBQ, was disappointed to find, I was the only person, not wearing shorts underneath their grass skirt. By 1.30 as usual it was tiem to move down the disco and back on the infamous Al Bundy cocktails with Stuey, Again left just as it was coming up to 4am.

Up latish but off rounf the lagoon three times with Mike to start the day, off then a swim in the pool that left me shattered for badmington, finished badmington a little early to get in a cycle to tinajo and back on the triathlon route, took 30mins which was good in the heat of the day, Needless to say got in 2 hours of beach volleyball, before retiring to the bar in the evening, quite a few people went to La Santa town for a meal but I stayed in the bar and played pool with Stuey and Mike and watched england draw against turkey. There were quite a few notable drop outs including Linda and Rob, but for very different reasons. I stayed on till 3am in the disco, but tried to get a relatively early night so I could wake up for the off-road traithlon, didn't work though, I slept through my alarm.

Quite day on Sunday without beach volleyball as there was a doubles tournament on. Did run and gym it though. The evening was interesting though, we caught a coach to Puerto Del Carmen and the Harley Rock Cafe, Had a nice steak with and some exciting cocktails, then went on a bit of a tour of the town with Andy and Colin. Left Cesar's nightclub at 6am. Next day was a bit of a wipe out sports wise, but I was down the bar and later down the disco with stuey till 3am, but with a rare display of will power I refused alcohol.

Up relatively early Tuesday, ran round the lagoon a couple of times and cycled out past Soo and Tigua. Then into the gym for some more bike and arm work. Was psyched up and ready for the triathlon the next morning.

Plans went slightly astray when I went into Puerto Del Carmen with Andy again. We visited a number of new bars and two new disco's but cesars was still the best and very full, on their school disco theme night. Though this only seemed to apply to the staff. I eventually arrived back in La Santa about 6am. Disaster didn't hear my alarm and was 8mins late for the start of the triathlon. After all my preparation I was gutted as the final winning time, should have been within my reach. Oh well next year. Badmington, followed then a run around the lagoon after I picked up a bit of a blister. Last volleybal session was very good, then just a short session in the bar on the final night.