Oasis 03/12/2004

Oasis 03/12/2004

Did Well to get to Oasis in only 5 and a half hours. Met Stuart in the chalet and had a few beers, and a shot of Goldschlager to get the weekend going. Les and Kelly arrived but only after a 10 hour trip, This was however better than one of our chalet mates who didn't make it at all due to car trouble.

We popped down the green bar then in the centre and had a few drinks and met people as they arrived. Good evening, and when the green room closed we all popped back to three oaks 275 for a party. It wasn't hard to miss due to the large inflatable santa and reindeer outside, finally left about 4 in the morning.

The next day not much exercise got done, but me and Stuart did go into the pool and chat to quite a few people from Scotland Spice in the pool. Back to the Chalet then and we got ourselves a curry to warm ourselves up for the evening before we got into our costumes. Myself and Chris popped along then to the lakeside Inn to meet the others in fancy dress from london south and Manchester.

On then to the green room were glitter abounded a lot of excellent costumes were seen throughout the night. At the end of the evening took a very long walk to a party but my spacesuit kept me warm. Relaxing day on the sunday with a meal in the evening at Rock legends. Then we all went back to the chalet and chatted a bit before a relatively early night.