Spice Xmas Party 10/12/2005

In the evening went to the Spice Xmas party at champagne Charlie's at Embankment. The place was full with 236 people. Met Rita and Paul on the way in and Phil from Yorkshire, and bought ourselves pints of wallop.
Lot's of people were there, Peter, Peter, Chris, Nicola, Fatema, Charlie and Jenny, Simon. Ballu arrived just in time for the food and we made our own table up to eat it off, we were joined by, Mike and John Yung and Wendy. Then we got down to some dancing with Miles and Anna on the dancefloor, we certainly were treated to some extra special moves from Phil involving a xmas tree no less. Finally we caught the last tube home about 12.40am, so only just missed the last 20 or so minutes.