BATs Meal 21/01/2006

Met Ballu at Waterloo at 5pm to get the train to kinsgston to see Tom and Kirsten's place. Chatted to a few people and got the guided tour but had to rush away to make it to the Spice BATS meal at the paradiso restaurant in the Cut at Waterloo. We were the first there but were joined by 30 others. Sat next to Tim and pascha, Charlie and Jenny were there, Tony, Bill, Nicola, Tamsin, Mark, Peter and all of course organised by Jane. Ihad swordfish and a dessrt and a very nice wine, unfortunatly due to us being a large group and us not having starters it was quite a lot of drinking before we got our food, so it was maybe not surprising Ballu was feeling a bit sick at the end of it, so we didn't go on afterwards, but luckily Ballu perked up pretty quickly with some fresh air.