Black Tie 28/01/2006

I got into my DJ and went to the anchor at bankside at the end of clink st were I met Whyalice and the crew from yesterday, and we had a couple of pints of Adnams before it was time for them to get changed and for me to meet Ballu at London Bridge. We walked then in the cold to Christines flat because there is never a taxi when you need one, getting some drinks on the way, but Christine had glasses of champagne waiting for us. Des and Sylvia were there but the others didn't make it last minute panic over what to were I imagine, which left more champagne and nibbles for us. After 7pm it was just a quick walk to the hop cellars and time for another bottle of champagne. We took our seat at a table, with Sylvia, Christine, Maurice, Rita, Paul, Wendy, Laurence, Mike, Simmons, Chris and Julie and Mary and tucked into our food. The parsnip soup was a bit of a revelation for me and Ballu who had never had it before A lot of champagne and even cigar smoking followed for our table and then onto the dancing the dancefloor was packed as usual. It was good to see so many familiar faces. Everyone makes an effort to book on this event each year itseems so no doubt I will be back again next year. Caught the last tube back to mine.