la Santa 2006


Left the house at 1.40am caught an N8 to victoria at the end of the road, then the Gatwick Express. Were I met Tony who had been last year as well. Got To Gatwick and met Peter getting off the train. We breezed through check-in. But then met a huge queue, going through security, it continued to grow behind us making people who arrived later take a long time to get through the gate. The flight was uneventful but uncomfortable, I managed to dose a bit and listen to the Ipod. Met Tom, Ritchie and Nicky on the bus. Then met my roomies Colin and Brian, Brian I had met before on one of Whyalice's events. Went for a run 3 times round the lagoon listening to the Ipod. It was hotter than normal being earlier in the year and I got a bit sunburnt. Played two and half hours of volleyball, with Julie and derek and rob and phil and the likes, Afterwards went down the green bar, and met the folks from manchester including, Mary and Nick who had been delayed 5hours on their flight. Afterwards went to the disco with brian and we stayed till 3 am though we were perplexed by the number of non- spice people doing ceroc.
Up late went for a run twice round the lagoon and on the assault course. Got a bike out and went for about and hour's ride. Used my own saddle and SPD's again 2 and a half hours of beach volleyball followed. In the evening we had the beach BBQ. And then it was supposed to be karaoke, but the karaoke man had been in an accident and so we just went to the disco about 1pm after a couple of games of pool.
Very hard to get up in the heat this morning, got up and went for a longer ride past the beach. Then played volleyball for 2 hours. In the evening I stayed in while the others went for a meal into town in the evening.
No running today did a fairly long cycle and took part in the social violleyball, but me and Rob were beaen by two very good norwegian women but only just 13-11 after we had been leading 11-9. In the evening we took a coach into Puerto del carmen, we then got a taxi to the harbour restaurant in the old town were I had a steak and a couple of the girls had a huge swordfish. After that we went on to the karaoke bar and I did these boots are made for walking, and John and steve Relax by frankie goes to Hollywood. After that I wandered into the american indian gate , were the usual band were playing, then afew of us went to the 928 disco and I finally came home about 5am with davey and Julie in a taxi.
More running and a long cycle nearly to puerto del carmen, the back complained and I had to push the bike up one hill after that it was on to volleyball and over two hours of that. It was supposed to be karaoke night but the guy had been in a car crash, still a busy night in the disco because of the green team show.
Ran twice round the lagoon then a really long ride all the way to puerto del carmen, was really tired after it but still played volleyball. There was some excitement when Brian had his wallet stolen. And he and richard chased after the guy, but they couldn't catch him without shoes. After a long break we decided to play on. I didn't take part in the quiz in the evening but Brian's team won. And then we went to the disco which was quite lively as usual I stayed till 3am then went home.
Got up for social volleyball but only me and alison were there from spice so we didn't play. Went for a run twice round the lagoon, then a two hour bike ride to timanfaya. Played two hours of volleyball, at one point we faced a team of giants but we still managed to beat them. In the evening did two numbers on the karaoke don't stop me now by queen and I predicta riot as a finale. Got lots of video of spicey folks. Left about 1am.
Up early to pay my bar bill then catch the bus at 8.30 am. Our flight was delayed as they had to take luggage off to enable us to take off into a headwind. This meant that when we got back to Gatwick our luggage was on another flight that was all also delayed, mine was about the last to arrive of all the spice folk, then the gatwick express was slow and the district line was up the creek, and it was raining and I didn't get to go to Jay's retirement party, which was a great shame.