Up early for this Spice event the alarm went off at 7am and it was quickly into the car for the two hour drive to Southampton via the centre of london and the M3. Got to Andark in plenty of time and met the Thames valley co-ordinator who was taking part. There were four other guys as well giving six of us in the capsule. At the start we just went at an angle and partially submerged, and out through open windows, we progressed to having to knock the windows out and a full 180 turn underwater. Then we put more folks in and did the last exit in darkness. For the last one I had to organise the group and shout the orders. I was the last one out, this meant I was the first one underwater and I had to sit and wait upside down in darkness, whilst 3 blurs went past me before making my exit. He chap was good enough to let me wear my helmet cam, but the results were very poor due to lack of light. We also took one turn sitting in the vehicle with a air bottle and mask so we could see what was going on. Absolutely chucked down all the way back home.