La Santa 20/09/2007



Number 8 night bus to Victoria, got the 3.30 train and was checked in and on the plane in no time. The flight was on time and I manged to get some kip on the plane. Got in and checked into the sports apartment with vina and the girls. Got stuck into badminton with Big Phil. And met David, Helen and Sheena. After that went for a run around the lagoon then got stuck into the volleyball with the regulars. Met up with folks then at the chalet and we went to green bar, saw Paul arrive recognising him from his facebook profile. We had a nice meal with the chalet in the pool bar outside bit, then later I led the flat astray by taking them to the disco, but Paul totally blitzed me on the drinking stakes and I fell asleep on the settee.


Woke up late got stuff from shop just before it closed, got my act together and got on a bike and headed off past la Santa. Came back in time for volleyball. Had some good games for an hour and a half or so with, Becs and Derek and Phil and Martin. Later in the evening it was the beach BBQ spent quite a bit of time talking to Warren the guy who I had raced in the triathlon a few years ago. After the BBQ off to Karaoke did can't take my eyes off you, teenage dirtbag and cool for cats. Down the disco after with gjoril's lapdancing twin but left early about 3 am.


Up late again but got abit further on the bike listening to the skeptics guide to the universe podcast. Saw rob on the way to the fire mountains back in time for football, I was on Dereks side and scored just the once after hitting big Phil most of the time with my other shots. Was very shattering but still managed to get in a good hour and a half of volleyball, Did some good moves and the serve was coming on some diet cokes later in the sports bar. Later on we had a dinner shuffle in La Casa restaurant. This was fine and did get to speak to some new folks. Robin who had been on a creative writing holiday. Later we went down the disco lured by the sound of live music, which disappeared as we got there.


Up and out again on the bike saw Rob cycling with agroup went further out into the land of the fire mountains. And was quite sore and tired on the way back. Went for a walk around the lagoon to catch some rays before the volleyball tournament. Played with Martin again. We nearly got beaten by the only female team in the tournament, but we scrapped through into the winners group and won our next game against Mike and Linda. Then had a play of with three teams. We lost to the German team, but beat Phil and Michael who had beaten the germans. So we did manage to beat all the other Spice teams in the tournament. Got ready then for an early start as we met in reception for the trip into puerto del Carmen. Myself Brian and Helen, Martin and Alan, walked into the harbor, and first had a drink in the spanking monkey. We then went to the los marineros restaurant for a very nice and cheap meal. We then popped into Buddy's bar for some live music the chap was very good, he even altered the settings on his acoustic guitar so he could mimic the bass style of the police. After he finished at 12.30 we walked back towards new town. We popped into murphy's sports bar because we heard the proclaimers playing it didn't turn out to be Derek however. We carried on then to Route 66 and met a few more of the Spice folk. Then when most of them got on the coach at 2am myself, Alan and Brian hit the Karaoke palace and did a few numbers. I did the animals and we all did you're just to good to be true. Later we hit Ceasars and got 6 drinks for 8 euros which was very good. We finally left about 5. 15am and got a very quick taxi back to la Santa


Up late played bit of football after walking round the lagoon, but I'd got the start time wrong. Then did an hours kayaking. Followed by an hours volleyball. Michael from the tournament played with us and we played some good volleyball. Didn't go to the la Santa meal but got all washing done and diary caught up and went down the green bar at 11pm. After watching a bit of pool it was down the disco with the green team for a while, Danced a bit but got an early night.


Up early and cycled to Puerto Del Carmen quite tricky but not too bad. After a bit of a rest an hours football, had improved considerably and scored a few good goals, and a lovely back heel against Derek. Feet were a bit sore and blistered after that but they didn't bother me too much for volleyball. Had a long go with that and some quite good games with lots of setting with Michael a German chap. After that did some more time on the water in a kayak was really tired because of the lack of food I had eaten and I certainly didn't take part in the kayak race. Afterwards we had a small gathering in our sports apartment including Dianne, I nibbled a bit and drank a bit and had a small kip whilst the others ate. Then down the green bar for the quiz. Rob's team won though my design of a space elevator should have been worth a few points I reckon with the spaghetti and marsh mallows. Down the disco after midnight for some dancefloor action. The disco closed at 2am however so we sat outside as a big group. Unfortunately german sarah lost her mobile phone.


Up late cycled for an hour and a half turned left at tinajo but the road was too busy. Came back and walked round the lagoon for some sun listening to the ipod then 40 minutes training in the kayak before beach volleyball. Good game again and we had 3 against 3 towards the end that was tiring, but the standard was very good, and the serve was coming on. Had a drink or two in the pool bar with Brian and Helen and Linda and Alan. Then back to the chalet to pack and show, Karen and Kirsty and Paul how to shoot Sambuccas. Down the bar then for a couple of games of pool with Jack and Karen. Then down the disco for karaoke. Did a couple of numbers with Brian including the inevitable bohemian rhapsody and big spender with Linda and temptation and the animals on my own or with just a little help from David. Finally got to bed about 3.30 am.



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