San Agostino 10/05/2007

10/06/2007p> Not an early start got to Victoria and then to Gatwick by 12.30pm with no problems. Got a seat on the flying crèche to kalamata after purchasing lots of stuff in duty free. Three hours later got to Greece just as the soon was going down about 9pm their time. The transfer by coach was really quick to san agostino Mark Warner and then it was grab a quick bite to eat with my room mate Stephen and straight tot the bar. Met lots of la Santa folk and then much later we risks the deadly rocks to get to the beach bar further long the shore my phone came in handy. Talked a lot with Phil at the bar then back with Stephen about 3 am


Busy day up hand had a little bit of breakfast then after talks on the waterfront and tennis and some of the managers champagne, I played a bit of volleyball at 11 am went for a run via roads and with Ipod about 12.30pm, very warm 30 odd degrees, then at 3pm played water polo lengthways without lifejackets. Just about drowned. But my team did win and I scored one of the goals to clinch the game. After waterpolo more volleyball at 5pm then football at 6pm, the standard was very high, we won 2 lost 1 and drew one. Then straight to the welcome meet, where we sat outside Colm's chalet with lots of booze and chatted for awhile. Before catching a shower and going to dinner. Was on a table with Dawn and Jane and Di, after dinner a quick change and more floodlit volleyball this time against some very drunk staff. There was a disco organised, but although folks went to it. There was not a lot of dancing, I spent a lot of time talking to Jed, then we had a mass scramble over the rocks only to find the beach bar wasn't open.


Up for breakfast, and then beach volleyball. An hours run along the beach listening to my Ipod. Then looked to play waterpolo but no one was up for it. So chilled out with an ice cream. volleyball again at 5pm, and mixed football at 6pm, though there was only one woman a member of staff. Reception drinks on the lawn at 7pm then dinner and volleyball at 10pm. The sand was much cooler then went to the beach bar much earlier and found a disco going, so poggoed a bit with Mick as they were playing punk songs. Stayed till about 3.30am.


Volleyball at 11am after the game, me and Martin took on the staff at doubles. We beat them comprehensively 25-9. Went for a run along the beach again, but didn't get as far today, was 32 degrees the day before and felt hotter today. Played volleyball again at 5pm and then went to ladies football at 6pm, but there were no ladies to play. Shower then and drinks on the lawn before dinner. Missed floodlit volleyball as had hurt my leg a bit in football. Afterwards went across the rocks on my own and found the beach bar was gay bar night. Three of the young male staff were dancing on the bar and dropping there trousers. I left at this point.


Volleyball at 11pm, played a little on the smaller court. After the game me and martin played the staff again. Close this time 25-23. Went for longest run at lunchtime along the beach listening to Ipod. At 5pm it was beach cricket which was quite good fun and hard exercise as well when you were batting. At 6 it was mens football and we had 3 teams. Was the only spicer playing. Went to the welcome drinks after a shower and a lot of folks were dressed in white, for the white night. Dawn was good as a nurse and one guy had a good toga and wig, john, Lizzie, Steve and Sarah were the milky bar kids. I changed into my shorts and white hat after lunch but was quite drunk after sitting next to Scott and Steve and martin at dinner, so I left early for once.


Up for volleyball, got in a good bicycle kick and a flying kick which impressed the audience. No staff today to play which was just as well as the temperature was 39 degrees. Did play doubles with John against Martin and Phil and won one game each. So hot just walked along the beach at lunch time rather than ran. Played volleyball again at 5pm and football at 6pm. Welcome drinks then and into dinner. Afterwards into Kalamata for our escape from the complex. Steve, john, Lizzie, Sarah, Julie heather, martin, colm, Scott, Davey, Dougie were on the coach along with a good few others. And we got into the blue bar about11pm thinks were still quite quiet as it was still very warm. But we had a good view of the bustling Greek nightlife. We walked along the seafront then to level, getting there for 12pm we were of course the first ones there. It was about 7euro's to get in and the drinks were 7 euro's however you got a free one on entry and later in the evening the barman gave me two complimentary drinks which wasn't too bad. The lights in the disco didn't go down till 2pm and the locals didn't really start dancing till 3.30am when we caught a taxi home, having not gone with the bus at 2.30pm. The taxi was just 19 euros between 3 which was very cheap for a long ride. All in all a very good night.


Up for volleyball and the a guest team beat the staff team, then the B guest team nearly won finally losing 26-24 after being 24-18 up. The a team came back on and won again then, but it was closer than we would have liked. Then me and martin played and won again against the staff making it 3-0. Then me and john played phil and Martin and just lost the decider on a tie break. Went for my longest run then slightly off the beach for better footing. Got to a rocky outcrop I climbed along. Back then and we played waterpolo with Emma the staff and Mark, Scotty and Claire from Spice my team won and I scored. Went for my longest run then slightly off the beach for better footing. Got to a rocky outcrop I climbed along Didn't do beach cricket but watched the staff vs guests football with a pint of lager. The Guests nearly won going ahead, but the staff fought back to win. In the evening there was a presentation session in the bar at which I got to receive two volleyball certificates. Afterwards there was a disco in the main bar were Derek made his usual impression and the inevitable ceroccing ensued. I did go over to the beach bar at the end of the night but didn't stay long even though it was relatively busy, and was in bed by 3am.


Said goodbye to Stephen from my bed and roused myself at the normal time for volleyball, but just Me, Emma, Ritchie and one other guy were around to knock the ball about. Lazed around the pool and read the paper most of the day as there were no takers for waterpolo or beach volleyball at 5pm, should have taken opportunity to sail, but I had had a bit too much sun the previous day. Got on the last coach with Ritchie at 8pm and had time for a beer at the airport before boarding the flight. Touched down at 11.25pm and got Gatwick express back and a taxi to get me home for about 1.30 am.


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