Spice Black Tie 31/01/2009

The venue was the balls brothers at Minster court. Got there fine and had a few diet cokes to start with. There was still a good turnout of folks I knew, Alan and Maggie, Bill and Stuart in a skirt, Guy, Peter, etc. On my table was Sylvia, Christine, Wendy and Laurence, and peter and 4 women we didn't know who seemed quite nice. There was wine with meal probably as way of compensation as the meal was moved at the last moment as the provider went bust. This meant a reduced menu choice but I would always choose the chicken anyway so it didn't bother me, upstairs afterwards for a bit of a chat with Alan and an opportunity to watch Bill dance and drink his customary champagne, but then I left a bit early at 11.30 am as I had to drive early the next day.